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About Urban Safaris

Your Urban Safari guide, Patty Fares, a teacher by trade and a traveler whenever she can. It was the curiosity of every true traveler that led to her first urban safari in San Diego...that and a nose for good coffee. Her first love, though, was art and she was pleased to find San Diego rich in public art and architectural variety. Currently teaching in the Travel & Tourism program at Southwestern College College, she has also taught art, history, English, and writing. A 25 year resident of San Diego, let Patty share her love for San Diego’s colorful neighborhoods.

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My coffee grounds being read at the
Caspian Corner- she said I like

to travel. Surprise, surprise!

What people say about their Urban Safari experience:
"It was like a mini vacation. I totally lost track of my usual
routine. It was a different world without packing or expense."

As seen on Channel 10 with Geni Cavet and
in the August San Diego Magazine and the November Sunset Magazine.

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My favorite pastime - relaxing with a cup of coffee after an Urban Safari with my husband.

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One of the 1st Urban Safaris over the Vermont Street Bridge.

Or, join me on a tropical rainforest safari!


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Urban Safaris went on safari to Kenya & Tanzania.
Let me know if you’re interested in joining us on another African safari.

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